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Office for International Affairs

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International Affairs Office

The Office of International Affairs, Uttaranchal University (OIA, UU) is committed to erudite heterogeneity, inquisitive exactitude, and global ambit to provide an especially aspiring environment for students. The OIA is dedicated to promoting international education and cross-cultural exchange opportunities for all members of our community. The OIA, UU will provide opportunities for students to study abroad, host international students and scholars, and engage in cultural exchange activities. Our goal is to create a globally-minded community and foster an understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

We welcome all members of our community to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the OIA, UU and to become a part of our international community. OIA, UU has been and will be providing the best possible services for foreign students, faculty, and research follows on our campus as well as for exchange program students and faculty studying and researching abroad. Go for your dream and live it with UU's vision. OIA , UU will always be ready to scaffold in any situation to live dream.

Prof. Shravan Kumar

In charge, International Affairs Office

International Collaboration & Outreach

Saurav Dixit is working as an Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Coordinator International Collaboration & Outreach at Uttaranchal University, Dehradun, India. He is also holding the position of Associate professor at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and the State University of Aerospace, Saint Petersburg, Russia. His area of research is construction productivity, self-healing concrete, waste management in construction and demolition, circular economy in construction, sustainable construction, chemical and physical properties of fly-ash, advanced concret production, additive manufacturing, and surface modification.

Topic for his Postdoc is “Green concrete using waste materials”.

  • Expert for National Research and Development Agency sponsored grants, Chile.
  • Expert for Russian Science Foundation (RSF) sponsored grants, Russian Federation.
  • Expert for Qatar University-sponsored grants, Qatar.

Prof. Saurav Dixit

Coordinator International Collaboration & Outreach

Office for International Affairs

The Office of Director, International Affairs provides necessary guidance for admission of foreign students to the various programmes run in the University. All correspondence related to international students should be addressed to the Office of the Director, International Affairs, Uttaranchal University- Dehradun, INDIA.

This office is responsible for undertaking various activities such as:

Eminent Visitors of International Repute

Our Eminent faculty of international repute along with distinguished visiting faculty and guest lecturers.