“Knowledge is one that liberates”

The three core goals of Uttaranchal University are primarily committed to student-centric teaching-learning, world-class research & innovation and humanistic social responsibility which are encapsulated in our firmness while steering the University in a new arena. The Strategic Plan of the University is with explicit priorities and measurable outcomes. We will be resilient & versatile to the external change but will adhere to the ambitions set and ensure that we put the best foot forward to explore the planet.

With the support of all the stakeholders, I also look forward to becoming Uttaranchal University an institution of excellence in the field of educational interface, research, and innovation to carve out the excellence of our students.

Jitender Joshi


“We progress by elevating the academic community”

Welcome to Uttaranchal University! My office is dedicated to providing prompt, courteous & quality services that add value to Uttaranchal University’s commitment to its faculty, staff & students and mission to develop & sustain its variedly endowed community. Our goal is to continually seek new, innovative & productive ways to improve our processes & service delivery thus building and fostering a high-end professional working & learning environment.

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Ms. Ankita Joshi

Vice President
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“The innovations we do together, make a difference in the society”

New Education Policy 2020 and 21st century is going to focus on skills and technology. India has the highest population of youth in the world and is going to be a big resource for the economic growth of India and the globe. The excellence, creativity and impact are the heart of the university’s vision and strategy.

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Dharam Buddhi

Vice Chancellor
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“Education is the tool that breaks down all barriers”

Uttaranchal University, guided by visionary leaders and accomplished academicians, has achieved remarkable milestones and currently hosts a strong student community across 12 faculties. Since its establishment in 2013, the university has celebrated the successful graduation of over 15,000 students, establishing itself as a dynamic institution.

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Prof. Rajesh Bahuguna

Pro Vice Chancellor
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“All things are possible because anything can be learned”

We at Uttaranchal University are committed to provide value-based programmes by using latest technology with high academic standards to the students and professionals. We constantly update our curriculum which are relevant to meet the needs of the industries, corporates, communities, academics and are proficient to fulfil their emerging needs. We provide our students, the opportunities to develop their personalities in terms of sports, cultural and other extracurricular activities culminating to become good human beings.

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Dr. Anuj Kumar Rana

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“Our dedicated team provides you with the advice and support you need to carve a fruitful & meaningful career at UU”

Welcome to Uttaranchal University! I am happy to welcome you to your aptly chosen learning destination and our campus community. My support will always be there as your most trusted anchor as you embark on your journey full of promise, hope, and achievement. We are committed to working for you to gain the utmost from the opportunities you will find at this great institution.

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Prof. (Dr.)
Abhishek Joshi

Executive Director- Students
Affairs & IT Services
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