Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee

  • The University is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students and employees can work together in an environment free of violence, harassment, exploitation, intimidation and stress. This includes all forms of gender violence, sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of the sex/gender or amongst the same sex members. To keep a close watch on the issue, an Internal Complaint Committee at Faculty and University level is fully functional to take care of any complaint.
  • Any student aggrieved of any action of his/her fellow student or any other member may approach the appropriate committee for timely assistance and redressal of the grievance. If a student is not satisfied with the decision of the designated committee, he/she may appeal within a week to the Disciplinary Appellate Board of the University.
  • A student found guilty of any of the violation of the student's code of conduct is liable to be inflicted with any or more of the following penalties.


  • Asking for written apology
  • Bond of good behaviour
  • Withholding or cancellation of results
  • Suspension from the class/hostel for a specific period
  • Debarring entry into a hostel/campus (permanent or specific period)
  • Denial of re-admission (permanent or stated period)
  • Rustication
  • Expulsion (permanent or stated period)
  • Penalty of a specified amount of money with or without any other disciplinary action
  • Any other reformatory action

Internal Complaint Committee on Gender Based Violence

Sr. No. Name  & Designation Membership
1. Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat, Professor, Law College Dehradun Chairperson
2. Mr. Manoj Dhyani, Joint Registrar, Uttaranchal University Member
3. Dr. Reeta Rautela, Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts Member
4. Dr. Deepti Sharma, Associate Professor, Uttaranchal Institute of Management Member
5. Dr. Seema Singh, Assistant Professor-Chemistry, School of Applied & Life Sciences Member
6. Ms. Kamla Joshi, Head-Girls Hostel, Uttaranchal University Member
7. Ms. Pallavi Ghildiyal, Assistant Professor, Uttaranchal Instt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences Member Secretary
8. Ms. Vibhuti Rana, Research Scholar-Biotech., School of Applied & Life Sciences Member (Student Representative)
9. Ms. Aashi Garg, Enrollment No: UU2219000172, Student, MBA 2nd Year Member (Student Representative)
10. Ms. Tanya Shrotriya, Enrollment No: UU2220000084, Student, BA LLB(Hons.) 5th Year Member (Student Representative)
11. Dr. V. Bhuvaneswari, Associate Professor, Law College Dehradun Special Invitee
12. Mr. Santosh Singh Rangar, Dy. Registrar (HR), Uttaranchal University Special Invitee (HR Representative)
13. Dr. Rachna Juyal, Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture Special Invitee
14. Dr. Madhu Kirola, Assistant Professor-CSE, Uttaranchal Institute of Technology Special Invitee
15. Ms. Anbarasi L., Nursing Tutor, Uttaranchal College of Nursing Special Invitee
16. Ms. Ruby Faizan, Assistant Professor, Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences Special Invitee
17. Dr. Neha Sharma, Assistant Professor, Uttaranchal College of Health Sciences Special Invitee
18. Ms. Sapna Bisht, Assistant Professor, Uttaranchal School of Hotel & Hospitality Management Special Invitee
19. Ms. Sakshi Negi, Assistant Professor, Uttaranchal School of Journalism & Mass Comm Special Invitee
20. Ms. Shruti Merothia, Enroll. No: UU2220000084, Student, MCA 3rd Year Special Invitee (Student Representative)
21. Ms. Prachi Baliyan, Enroll. No: UU2109000078, BCA 3rd Year Special Invitee (Student Representative)
22. Ms. Divya Pandey, Enroll. No: UU2036000004, Student, BHM 4th Year Special Invitee (Student Representative)
23. Ms. Khushi Sharma, Enroll. No: UU2137000022, Student, BAJMC 3rd Year Special Invitee (Student Representative)
24. Ms. Kavita Gaira, Enroll. No: UU1901010031, Student, B.Tech. CSE 4th Year Special Invitee (Student Representative)

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