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The Computer Applications students of UU are highly in-demand by employers for their exceptional skills and knowledge of current Computing practices.

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About Uttaranchal
School of Computing Sciences

Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences (USCS), the faculty of Uttaranchal University-Dehradun, is one of the best Computer Sciences Institution in North India. USCS strives to prepare students to effectively design and develop software applications as well understand their impact in societal contexts and work for sustainable development. 

Our area of expertise includes Software Application Design and Development, Data AnalyticsArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing/Virtualization, and Cyber Security. Through its carefully designed industry-oriented curriculum, the USCS focuses upon providing IT Industry, with ready to perform IT-Professional with strong technical, managerial and soft skills needed for task execution. 

The key feature of USCS is the ‘Project Based Learning’. For inculcating strong analytical, and technical skills in the budding IT professionals, the school introduced the concept of the project-based learning, where students develop real time software in every language/technology learnt during each semester. This helps them to strengthen computer science concepts and acquire analytical, technical, problem-solving skills as required for a successful career in industry, government sector, academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit and consulting firms. 

USCS believes in ‘Learning with Fun’. Through activities organised by its different clubs’ viz., Codex Club, Web Designing Club, Programmers Arena, Sports Club, Incubation and Innovation Cell, etc. students demonstrate creativity, develop innovative ideas and learn to work in teams to accomplish a common goal in a multidisciplinary setup. 

USCS also conduct regular Personality Development Program / Sports & Cultural Activities / Webinars / Guest Lectures / Career Skill / Quantitative Skills / Value Added Programs which help the students to inculcate professionalism, ethical attitude, strong interpersonal skills, team-spirit, and enhance their aptitude for life-long learning. 

Our Industrial Collaborations ensure that the students are well supported/guided for internship and placements. Our history speaks about itself. Our students are placed at very high packages in top-notch IT industries of repute at national as well as international level.

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Our computing programs strengthen you with the expertise to understand the changing world of IT and act rationally on a national and global scale.

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Dean's Welcome Note

On the onset I welcome you to Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences (USCS)

one of the best institutions which is meticulously designed to assist you develop your abilities and professional competencies in the field of Computer Science. Today is the world of innovation and no innovation can exist without the intervention of technology.

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Sonal Sharma
Dean, Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences

Computer Applications Programs

Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences has come a long way since its inception
providing world-class computing education.

Why Uttaranchal
School of Computing Sciences?

Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences is already a niche centre of learning. Our Computing Sciences courses are value-driven and industry-need centric. We possess academic strength through our faculty with proven academic and industry credentials.

  • The school boasts of a rich resource centre, including:
    • Industry Oriented Curriculum
    • Best Faculty Members
    • Project Based Learning (PBL)
    • Certification Courses in collaboration with IT Industries
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Vision & Mission


  • To be a globally recognised institution through fostering a high-quality, research and industry-oriented Computer education for transforming the society by providing creative, innovative solutions to real world challenges.


  • To provide high-quality education in the field of IT.
  • To enhance the skills of students and promote computer science traits.
  • To inculcate practical approach in students for every course they study and in turn, they become industry-ready.

A remarkable infrastructure at your disposal

By offering exceptional infrastructure, we aim to make you the finest in strategic-leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and decision-making.

Excellent Computer Labs

School is having five Computer Labs comprising high end configuration machine ensuring the 1:1 student- computer ratio with latest Software.


The School library more than 11000 books are kept to enhance the students’ knowledge. Subscribe numbers of International and National Journals, Magazine and Newspapers. Web OPAC is used to view and search the library’s collection.

Distinguished Faculty at School of Computing Sciences

Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences has come a long way since its inception
providing world-class BCA, and MCA education.

Clubs and Societies

USCS believes in ‘Learning with Fun’. Therefore, it has a number of clubs which frequently conduct activities to give students a break from the monotony of class room learning and continue learning with fun. These clubs are supervised by faculty but for the organization of activities the students take the lead. This develops the organization and team-work skills of the students.

The constituent Departments of Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences have many Clubs

Our Student Achievements

Exploring Innovations:
Patents by Students of Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences!

We are proud to showcase the brilliance and innovation of our students at the Uttaranchal School of Computing Sciences.

Here are some remarkable patents published by our BCA (2020-23) students:

Title: A System of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing based Smart Pencil for Easy Transcribe.
Patent ID: 202311047074 A
Name of the Students: Vishal Singh Negi, Disha Verma
Title: Smart Bus Ticketing System.
Patent ID: 202311049014 A
Name of the Students: Vishi Tyagi, Priyasha Vishwakarma
Title: A System of Smart Aqua Control Tap.
Patent ID: 202311049015 A
Name of the Students: Vishal Singh Negi, Harshit Singh Bisht
Title: System and Method for Bridge Collapse Prevention.
Patent ID: 202311049016 A
Name of the Students: Anish Ahmad, Sunny Mangat
Title: A System of Safeguard Vision Alert.
Patent ID: 202311049017 A
Name of the Students: Ojaswini Mahendru, Saksham Sharma
Title: Tank Safe Monitor System.
Patent ID: 202311049018 A
Name of the Students: Aakash Singh Bisht, Anjali Jalhotra

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How to Apply?

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Development with International Outlook

Our students graduate with self-confidence and social skills. The diversity they encounter during their education prepares them to engage in various cultures and global industries.

What our students say?

Uttaranchal University has come a long way since its inception providing world-class education in diverse domains.

One of the best decisions of my life

I found that the decision to study at Uttaranchal University was one of the best decisions of my life. Faculty members are known for their interactive teaching sessions and hence it is an ideal university for pursuing any course.

An appropriate exposure towards life

I chose Uttaranchal University because of its proximity to my home town, but I had no idea what to expect. The experience I had here was truly enriching, and exemplary. The professors always pushed us to think on our own and not recite books. With the constant encouragement and support of my professors, seniors and mentors; I always strove for excellence and also became very much involved in many student activities. The opportunities to grow here are tremendous.

Genuinely cared about the quality of education

The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and strongly focuses on team collaboration. The faculty members with whom I had a chance to interact genuinely cared about the quality of education and were dedicated to see us succeed. Although the road was sometimes long and things did not always go my way, the tremendous feeling of accomplishment after finishing the programme was something I cherish even today.

Instructors provide students with much guidance

My favourite element of Uttaranchal University is its faculty members and learning resources. Being knowledgeable, inspiring, and approachable, my instructors provide students with much guidance and mind-opening perspectives. Their dedication to education helps us develop academic interests and grow intellectually