Join the pioneers in the field of Liberal Arts in Uttarakhand, join Uttaranchal University.

The School of Liberal Arts of Uttaranchal University moulds learners' personalities by imparting knowledge and skills to cater to a contemporary professional world.

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About Uttaranchal
School of Liberal Arts

School of Liberal Arts was established in 2019 with an aim to provide students with comprehensive education and 21 st century skills to enable them to excel in several careers in business, social sector and research. Liberal Arts education gives purpose, direction, and value to education and life with 360° personality.

The students find themselves exposed to ideas and topics that range from social history to human behaviour, from ancient English Literature to Contemporary Literature with various genres, from psychology to economics and history. The uniquely tailored programs will carve out the students with a new approach towards multifarious horizons, methods of enquiry, experiences and abilities that will help them to build a new world with more empathetic systems around them. SLA believes in sculpting the character of students as such to make them responsible and the best global citizens.

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With a futuristic Liberal Arts School, Uttaranchal University aims to shape students for 21 st century skills.

We offer an exciting

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Dean's Welcome Note

The School of Liberal Arts is deeply committed to build not just India’s but the world’s best intellectual

capital by nurturing and shaping young minds into tomorrow’s world leaders in all fields of human endeavour.The SLA provides exhilarating and creative learning experiences for students, who are interested in scouting new ways to learn grow and achieve their potential on the ethos

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Prof. (Dr.)
Shravan Kumar
Dean, School of Liberal Arts

School of Liberal Arts Programs

School of Liberal Arts has come a long way since its inception
providing world-class Liberal Arts education.

Why School of Liberal Arts?

SLA aims to re-imagine education and align it with technological transformation, smart classes, well-equipped labs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and renowned members of faculty who help in enabling the environment where we are not just knowledge and Job providers but also knowledge and Job creators. We conduct regular workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences, research paper presentations, scaffolding internships, trainings with global exposure which inculcate a research-oriented approach among the students.

  • ELTAI Reading Club to inculcate reading habits with the help of resource persons of international repute
  • Psychological Counselling Cell
  • Dynamic classroom approach with the hands-on learning experience
  • Making the students placement ready by various Pre-Interview Sessions and interaction with industry professionals
  • Mentoring system for handholding of students for their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual problems
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Vision & Mission


  • To be globally acclaimed for creating trendsetters and establishing the standards for liberal arts education through excellence in teaching and research resulting in a transformative impact on society through teaching and learning of literature, Psychology, Economics, and other allied social science subjects.


  • To develop the institution as an innovative and learning centric research centre by creating a critical mind-set among the students.
  • To disseminate knowledge and understanding among students through holistic approach and cross curriculum.
  • To evolve lifelong learning and application skills through deeper understanding of different Programs viz Psychology, English literature, Economics.
  • To complement the global acceptability and employability of the students through communication and soft skills along with professional expertise.

Carving a niche through our world-class infrastructure

Experience high-tech infrastructure facilities in a dynamic environment that assist students to excel.

Language Laboratory

The Language Lab is an innovative combination of networked application softwares designed specifically for students. The University has built up a state-of-the-art Language Laboratory with over 72 desktops and gadgetry aimed at honing the communication proficiency in English Language. The laboratory is equipped with advanced softwares such as Orell, Screen Broadcast, Voice broadcast, and Voice Chat System alongside a range of hardware solutions, all tailored to facilitate effective language learning.

Psychology Lab

Equipped with cutting-edge instruments and technology, Psychology lab provides students with the tools necessary to explore various aspects of human behavior and cognition. From eye-tracking devices and electroencephalography (EEG) machines students have access to a wide range of resources to conduct experiments and investigations.

Media Lab

Media Lab is a vibrant and collaborative space where students, faculty and researchers come altogether to explore the forefront of media, communication and technology. Through hands- on experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration, students and faculty at media lab are trying to push the boundaries of traditional boundaries and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Distinguished Faculty at School of Liberal Arts

Uttaranchal School of Liberal Arts has come a long way since its inception
providing world-class Liberal Arts education.


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Development with International Outlook

Our students graduate with self-confidence and social skills. The diversity they encounter during their education prepares them to engage in various cultures and global industries.

What our students say?

Uttaranchal University has come a long way since its inception providing world-class education in diverse domains.

Ever friendly faculty members here

I've done my graduation from Uttaranchal University and now pursuing my Masters in English from here. My experience tells a lot about this institution, from taking part in cultural events to winning in basketball tournament, I've had the best possible personal experience. It maintains a decorum and discipline which teaches values besides knowledge and education, taking you one step ahead to build a personality. Ever friendly faculty members here, provides you a free counseling whenever you need which helps you deal with the anxiety during exams, career confusion or any sort of problem in academics.

I enjoyed my tenure at Uttaranchal University

I would like to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of the Corporate Resource and Training Centre at UU for providing ample opportunities to make a career ahead. The faculty members held boot camps and extra classes to improve our technical and interpersonal skills. I enjoyed my tenure at Uttaranchal University.

Immense learning and wonderful experiencesn

My journey from school to college has been filled with immense learning and wonderful experiences. Thanks to SLA for being a catalyst of my growth. With amazing teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, diverse learning opportunities through lectures/seminars by world class speakers, cultural programmes and community services, I feel grateful to be a part of Uttaranchal University.

Groom us as media professionals

I thank Uttaranchal University and faculty members for their efforts to groom us as media professionals. It was a wonderful experience studying at Uttaranchal University.

Incredibly a great learning experience

The academic structure aid to catalyse my analytical, critical, research, and expression skills. The ambience of the department and the university provided experiential learning. I would also like to praise the multifarious activities organized by various departments and societies of the university that gave us immense exposure in terms of co-curricular activities. And by the end of this phase, I feel extremely grateful to have met such warm-hearted people who substantially prompted me to have faith in my capabilities. The memories gathered in this place will always be cherished by me.

I loved the infrastructure of Uttaranchal University

My life at Uttaranchal University made me stronger and took me a step ahead for being an independent person. I am thankful to all the faculty members who supported and mentored throughout my tenure of stay. I loved the infrastructure of Uttaranchal University and its global perspectives to life. The events that I took part helped me to boost my confidence level. I would like to specially thank the placement cell for guiding me and providing me a good platform for my career.

University provided a lot of opportunities

Throughout the course, the university provided a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their talents in various areas. I cherish the moments spent under the guidance of influential faculty members and my dear friends. I would recommend the University every time. Thank you for helping me shape my career.o see the outside world- Different Nationalities, Diverse Culture, Practical Education Methodology, Delicious Cuisines, Wide Campuses, and much more. This experience took a place in my CV bringing appreciation in corporate life. I am grateful to UU for providing me with this opportunity.

UU turned a mundane boy into a exuberant personality

These three years with UU turned a mundane boy into a confident and exuberant personality. Specifically, the support you get from your professors in every aspect is beyond words. Also, the green environment and the infrastructure add another dimension to it.

A platform to show our hidden potential

I am grateful to the Department of Corporate Resource and Training Centre for giving us all a platform to show our hidden potential to build a successful career.