Centre of Excellence for
Smart Devices and IoT Applications

The internet of things (IoT) involves the collection, analysis, and action of data created by networked items and equipment. The Internet, which was originally created to connect people, is now connecting items to people and gathering, analysing, and transmitting data on a continuous basis. Humans are developing a sixth sense in this regard. Sensors, networks, storage, and big data analytics are all important factors in IoT adoption.

Smart devices, which feature sensors, sophisticated computer units, and communication capabilities, are an essential component of the Internet of Things. Data from sensors is electronically turned into information (output) that can be used by ‘intelligent’ equipment or persons to make decisions. The data must be evaluated in order to gain insight into how “things” work. Big-data solutions that have been developed in recent years can manage substantially more data, both structured and unstructured.

The established CoE’s mission is to enable universities to serve as an innovation hubs in the burgeoning technology of the Internet of Things by democratising innovation, standardisation, and prototype realisation.

The CoE supports the University’s strategic strategy,
“Transforming Education, Transforming India.


Centre has an MoU with IIT Ropar- Technology and Innovation Foundation (DST iHub – AwaDH), Ropar.

3D Printer for prototyping:

CoE has the facility of 3D printing to support prototyping of innovative ideas and motivate students for the start-ups. It also supports incubation centre of University for the development of outer aesthetic of products.

Area of Interest

Center of Excellence for Energy and Eco-sustainability Research (CEER)

The Center of Excellence for Energy and Eco-sustainability Research” (CEER) will conduct research, PG programmes, skilled base certificate training programmes consultancies in the areas of clean/renewable energy, green & sustainable buildings and energy efficiency. Center will focus on innovative, transdisciplinary and society/industry required programmes with a focus on emerging technologies.

Renewable And Clean Energy

In the 20th century, fossil fuels were the fuels of choice. During first two decades of 21st century, transition was from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This transition will require an intensive effort for human resource development in the area of renewable power sector. Deep knowledge and skills are required to address the challenges of energy resources, management and sustainable development.

Pledge made during COP 26 at Glasgow re-affirm the commitments of various governments to reduce carbon emissions globally with a motto to act locally and think globally. India is the third largest renewable energy producer and it aims to reach net zero emissions by 2070. Further, India has targeted 500 GW of renewable power which means that the annual capacity addition 0f 40-50 GW. Due to a very high potential growing field, there is a world-wide need of skilled manpower for projects, technology and policy.

According to the Central Electricity Authority, by 2030, India’s power requirements will be more than 800 GW and more than half to be met from renewable and clean energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India is responsible for execution of Energy Conservation Act 2001, energy efficient solutions, technology & manpower. The BEE responsibility includes:

  • Annual conduction of examination for certifying energy managers and energy auditors.
  • Accredit energy managers and energy auditors.
  • Conservation building codes.
  • Energy performance standards.
  • Star labeling for gadgets.
  • Testing and certification procedures.

The Government of India has made Energy Auditing Energy Conservation Measures mandatory for energy intensive sector. Millions skilled manpower is required to meet the objectives of BEE and CDM for the reduction of emissions.

The Charter

  • Academic programs: Ph. D, M Tech, MBA and Diploma
  • Research & Development Projects.
  • Consultancy for Energy Audit.
  • Training and Man Power Development: Short Term Courses on Renewable Power, Energy Auditing Techniques, Green Technologies and Green Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Systems: The Center will also undertake Design, Development and promotion of Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Testing support & facility: To provide testing facility in renewable and associated gadgets.
  • Collaborations: To collaborate with industries and academic institutions for the research on efficient and new Energy Efficient Technologies.


The centre has an MoU with HESCO Dehradun headed by Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi, a Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan recipient.


To be a leading research center in energy and sustainability for the sustenance of the 21st century.

Programmes Offered

Area of Interest

Research Topics

We are internationally acclaimed for our research quality. The transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary
approach provides innovative and a wide range of research prospects:


The Center offers consultancy in Design of Solar Systems (PV & Thermal), Energy Auditing, Energy Efficiency Plan, Carbon Credit, Green Building Analysis, Energy storage Systems, Environmental Audit, Design of ETP, Human resource Development etc.


Cutting-Edge Research and Creative Work Transforming Education, Transforming India

The established CoE’s mission is to enable universities to serve as an innovation hubs in the burgeoning technology of the Internet of Things by democratising innovation, standardisation, and prototype realisation.

What our students say?

Uttaranchal University has come a long way since its inception providing world-class education in diverse domains.


Courses which encourage Entrepreneurship

Uttaranchal University's academic ambience is conducive to learning and has facilitated me in recognizing my area of interest which led to the establishment of my entrepreneurial tech venture “Hostcob Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

Mr. Ankur Rautela
B.Tech (CSE) | Co-Founder & MD Hostcob
Placed Student

Wonderful Experience with Excellent Exposure provided

The programme has a sophisticated combined balance of theory & technical aspects of engineering. This not only helped me to gain state-of-the-art technical knowledge but also helped me to secure a job and be competent in life.

Akshat Puri
B.Tech CSE
Placed Student

Exceptional Beginning for my Profession

The technical and practical competency acquired at the Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun has been invaluable to me. The focus on programming skills, project management, and team dynamics helped me develop my core competencies.

Ishan Tiwari
B.Tech CSE
Placed Student

Grow Beyond the Limits of the Sky

During my tenure in the programme not only I gained knowledge, but I also made strong friendship bonds for a lifetime. Uttaranchal University has provided me with roots to follow my dreams and passion, to explore my potential in every sphere of life, and to grow beyond the limits of the sky.

Krishna Kant Nainwal
B.Tech | Batch 2018
Placed Student

UU has truly been a launch pad and has enabled me to thrive

I am impressed by the learning environment and quality of education at Uttaranchal University. The UU has truly been a launch pad and has enabled me to thrive. I have formed meaningful connections with colleagues and the faculty make me feel at home with their patience and kindness. My experience has given me the tools and the skills to build my own successful future.

Vibhuti Bahuguna
B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
Civil Judge (Jr. Division)
Placed Student

A Step towards Success!

A Step towards Success! That is what I call my three-year long tryst with Uttaranchal University. The first step towards climbing the corporate ladder is entry into a distinguished university.
In Uttaranchal University an awesome state-of-the-art infrastructure, extremely informative course curriculum and a great environment for studying made the learning experience truly indispensable.

Sukriti Chaudhary
BBA | 14 LPA
Placed Student
Plant Pathology

Course is aligned with latest industry requirements

The course is aligned with the latest industry requirements and one is truly immersed in the course thus speeding up the learning process. I sincerely appreciate the support and effort which enabled me to imbibe and excel in the skills.

Poorna Chandra Reedy
Founder of Banana Leef Cuisine, Dehradun
40 LPA Turnover
Placed Student

The learned faculty members were highly motivating

Uttaranchal University provided me with quality education, infrastructure and facilities which rendered a great learning environment. The learned faculty members were highly motivating and were always ready to help students achieve their goals.

Vanshika Jakhmola
Talent Acquistion Senior Associate |
NTT Data Services
Placed Student

You feel like a part of the close-knit team

Learning is so much fun! You feel like a part of the close-knit team, where each professor, each staff member, and each of your peers are always ready to support and guide you. Professional teaching, creative classes, effective explanations, and entertaining material that you get here - all contribute to your success in any industry!

Nishant Kumar
Advocate-on-Record |
The Supreme Court of India
Placed Student

Exposure to what’s actually happening in the real-time market

Uttaranchal University has actually shaped me as a person. Guest lectures, case studies and on-the-floor practicalities as part of the curriculum gave us exposure to what’s actually happening in the real-time market worldwide.

Kislay Krishna
AI Engineer | Deepq AI
Placed Student

Hub of opportunities

Being at UU was being under the exposure of research projects, internships, national & international conferences, and many more. The mentors were really very helpful and supportive. I am thankful to UU for all that it has provided to make my career prosperous.

Anoop Singh Bhakuni
Civil Judge | Qualified in Bihar
Judicial Service
Placed Student

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