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Central Instrumentation Facility

Division of Research & Innovation has advanced central instrumentation facilities with sophisticated instruments.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) & Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) (EVO 18)

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that uses a concentrated stream of electrons to scan the surface of a sample and produce images. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) has a resolution of more than 1 nm. EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) is a method for determining a material’s chemical characterization or elemental makeup. EDS can be used to figure out what chemical elements exist in a material.

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X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD):

XRD is a technique for determining a material’s underlying crystal structure; it can be used to verify the crystallinity and structure of a sample but does not offer chemical information. XRD patterns can be used to calculate material lattice parameters, crystal (or grain) orientation, stress in crystalline areas, and secondary phases in the sample. It’s a method of bulk characterization that produces an average diffraction pattern for the measured region.

XRD is a non-destructive method that can be performed at room temperature and pressure.

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Fourier-Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectrometer (Thermoscientific Nicolet Summit LITE iD1)

FTIR is a very versatile method for surface characterisation of nanoparticles. Under certain conditions, the surface chemical composition of NPs, as well as the reactive surface sites responsible for surface reactivity, may be determined. By detecting various functional groups from spectral bands, FTIR spectroscopy may be used to determine the conjugation between the nanomaterial and the adsorbed biomolecules. The frequency of vibration between atom bonds in the nanoparticle corresponds to the absorption peaks in the FTIR spectrum. The peak intensity of FTIR gives a clear indication of the components present, making it a useful tool for qualitative research.

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UV-Vis Spectro Photo Meter (LABMAN LMSP-UV 1900):

UV-vis spectroscopy compares the amount of discrete wavelengths of UV or visible light absorbed by or transmitted through a sample to a reference or blank sample in comparison to the amount of discrete wavelengths of UV or visible light absorbed by or transmitted through a reference or blank sample. The sample makeup has an impact on this attribute, which might indicate what’s in the sample and at what concentration. Bacterial culture, drug identification, nucleic acid purity checks and quantification, beverage quality control, and chemical research are just a few of the fields where UV-vis spectroscopy is applied.

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Biologic VSP-3e Potentiostat

The Potentiostat is used to examine the electrochemical behaviour of energy storage devices (supercapacitors, batteries, fuels cells, solar cells, and so on), corrosion research, biosensors, and so on. Before going on to device a construction, the nanomaterial must undergo electrochemical experiments such as current-voltage, charge-discharge, impedance spectroscopy, corrosion, retention, and fatigue utilising this equipment.


A glovebox is a sealed container used to manipulate things in situations where a different atmosphere is required. Gloves are incorporated into the glovebox’s sidewalls so that the user can lay their hands inside and carry out duties without breaching containment. A section or all of the box is usually translucent to allow the user to see what is being changed. The glovebox enables a person to work with potentially dangerous substances such as radioactive materials or infectious disease agents, as well as substances that demand a very high purity inert atmosphere, such as argon or nitrogen. In a vacuum environment, a glovebox can also be used to manipulate goods.

Guidelines for using Central Instrumentation Facility:

  • Central instrumentation facility services can be availed by external faculty/students on charge basis.
  • Prior registration is to be made by confirming the slot available and then payment against the availing facility.
  • Payment made against the facility availed is non-refundable.

Charges per sample in INR

Institute UV-Vis FTIR
Image EDX Mapping Gold Coating
Industries 1000 1200 3000 2000 800 500 2500
Academic/R&D labs 500 600 1000 600 500 300 1000
Internal 300 300 500 400 300 200 400

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What our students say?

Uttaranchal University has come a long way since its inception providing world-class education in diverse domains.


Courses which encourage Entrepreneurship

Uttaranchal University's academic ambience is conducive to learning and has facilitated me in recognizing my area of interest which led to the establishment of my entrepreneurial tech venture “Hostcob Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

Mr. Ankur Rautela
B.Tech (CSE) | Co-Founder & MD Hostcob
Placed Student

Wonderful Experience with Excellent Exposure provided

The programme has a sophisticated combined balance of theory & technical aspects of engineering. This not only helped me to gain state-of-the-art technical knowledge but also helped me to secure a job and be competent in life.

Akshat Puri
B.Tech CSE
Placed Student

Exceptional Beginning for my Profession

The technical and practical competency acquired at the Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun has been invaluable to me. The focus on programming skills, project management, and team dynamics helped me develop my core competencies.

Ishan Tiwari
B.Tech CSE
Placed Student

Grow Beyond the Limits of the Sky

During my tenure in the programme not only I gained knowledge, but I also made strong friendship bonds for a lifetime. Uttaranchal University has provided me with roots to follow my dreams and passion, to explore my potential in every sphere of life, and to grow beyond the limits of the sky.

Krishna Kant Nainwal
B.Tech | Batch 2018
Placed Student

UU has truly been a launch pad and has enabled me to thrive

I am impressed by the learning environment and quality of education at Uttaranchal University. The UU has truly been a launch pad and has enabled me to thrive. I have formed meaningful connections with colleagues and the faculty make me feel at home with their patience and kindness. My experience has given me the tools and the skills to build my own successful future.

Vibhuti Bahuguna
B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
Civil Judge (Jr. Division)
Placed Student

A Step towards Success!

A Step towards Success! That is what I call my three-year long tryst with Uttaranchal University. The first step towards climbing the corporate ladder is entry into a distinguished university.
In Uttaranchal University an awesome state-of-the-art infrastructure, extremely informative course curriculum and a great environment for studying made the learning experience truly indispensable.

Sukriti Chaudhary
BBA | 14 LPA
Placed Student
Plant Pathology

Course is aligned with latest industry requirements

The course is aligned with the latest industry requirements and one is truly immersed in the course thus speeding up the learning process. I sincerely appreciate the support and effort which enabled me to imbibe and excel in the skills.

Poorna Chandra Reedy
Founder of Banana Leef Cuisine, Dehradun
40 LPA Turnover
Placed Student

The learned faculty members were highly motivating

Uttaranchal University provided me with quality education, infrastructure and facilities which rendered a great learning environment. The learned faculty members were highly motivating and were always ready to help students achieve their goals.

Vanshika Jakhmola
Talent Acquistion Senior Associate |
NTT Data Services
Placed Student

You feel like a part of the close-knit team

Learning is so much fun! You feel like a part of the close-knit team, where each professor, each staff member, and each of your peers are always ready to support and guide you. Professional teaching, creative classes, effective explanations, and entertaining material that you get here - all contribute to your success in any industry!

Nishant Kumar
Advocate-on-Record |
The Supreme Court of India
Placed Student

Exposure to what’s actually happening in the real-time market

Uttaranchal University has actually shaped me as a person. Guest lectures, case studies and on-the-floor practicalities as part of the curriculum gave us exposure to what’s actually happening in the real-time market worldwide.

Kislay Krishna
AI Engineer | Deepq AI
Placed Student

Hub of opportunities

Being at UU was being under the exposure of research projects, internships, national & international conferences, and many more. The mentors were really very helpful and supportive. I am thankful to UU for all that it has provided to make my career prosperous.

Anoop Singh Bhakuni
Civil Judge | Qualified in Bihar
Judicial Service
Placed Student

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