NSS Wing at Uttaranchal University

The NSS (National Service Scheme) operates under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. It aims to inculcate the spirit of social service and volunteerism among students, encouraging them to actively contribute to the welfare of society. The program operates on the principle of "Not Me, But You" emphasizing the importance of selfless service and collective action.

The scheme was launched in 1969, with the aim of fostering social consciousness, promoting community service, and developing the personality of students through active participation in various social welfare activities.

The symbol of the NSS is designed based on ‘Rath wheel’ of Konark, the Sun Temple of Odisha. The wheel signifies the progressive cycle of life. The symbol of NSS Badge contains 24 wheels in the Rath of the Sun Temple of Konark. Each Wheel has eight bars which represents 8 pahars of day. The red colour in the badge indicates that the NSS volunteers are full of blood, i.e. lively, active and spirited. The navy bluecolor indicates the cosmos of which the NSS is a tiny part ready to contribute its share for the welfare of the mankind.

The NSS is implemented as a student-centered program in colleges and universities across the country. It encourages students to engage in community service and participate in activities that address social issues such as literacy, health and hygiene, environmental conservation, rural development, and social justice. The program promotes the idea of empathy, social responsibility, and active citizenship among young people.

The NSS Unit of Uttaranchal University was established on May 3, 2016. This unit is self-financed, and only, 50 students were allotted initially. In line with this, an NSS committee was constituted. A lot of programs have been organized by the NSS unit through various departments in the university on a timely basis. In 2022, a fully government-financed unit was allotted to the university. Now the capacity of the unit is 200 students.

NSS activities are carried out through regular campus, 7-day special camping programs, and ongoing projects. During these programs, student volunteers work in collaboration with local communities, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to identify and address the needs of the community. Some common activities include organizing blood donation camps, promoting literacy and education, conducting health and sanitation awareness campaigns, and supporting environmental initiatives. NSS volunteers, also known as NSS cadets, work in collaboration with local communities and non-governmental organizations to identify and address the pressing needs of society. They actively engage in activities that promote sustainable development, environmental conservation, health and hygiene, literacy and education, and social justice.

Participation in NSS not only provides students with an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of society but also helps them develop leadership skills, interpersonal communication, and a sense of social responsibility. It also enhances their understanding of various social issues and provides a platform for selfless service and personal growth.


The broad objectives of the NSS at the University are enumerated as under:

  • To understand in-depth, the social, economic, geographic, and cultural diverse elements of the nation at large and of one's own community specifically.
  • To comprehend the interdependence among themselves and the various aspects of the community for mutual sustenance and progress.
  • To develop a comprehensive framework for resolving the various challenges faced by the community in meeting its diverse needs and achieving sustainable growth.
  • To prepare themselves for the service of the nation in the future through analyzing the macro and micro ecosystem of society.
  • To develop a civic sense of service and responsibility among themselves.
  • To acquire democratic and humanistic values.
  • To develop competencies for social mobilization.
  • To develop the required skills to be effectively instrumental in circumstances of calamities and natural disasters.
  • To acquire leadership qualities and diverse people skills.
  • To practice the values enshrined in the constitution inspired by the struggle of freedom.

Standard Operating Procedure of NSS:

  • Students who wish to join as an NSS Volunteer in the Unit are asked to fill a Form which is kept as an official record and documentation with the University.
  • The volunteers from among the potential enthusiasts are selected after a screening interview process.
  • The volunteers will be required to attend the meetings and accordingly make themselves available for service through the various programs and activities organized by the NSS unit.
  • The student volunteers will play an active role in the planning and implementation of such social activities as would improve the quality of life of the economically challenged sections of the community.
  • The volunteers will encourage and propagate the dignity of labour at all levels and through all means.
  • The volunteers will continually and gradually engage themselves into such activities as would develop the physical and moral health of the self and the community at large.
  • The activities/camps will be organized for the purpose of community development on a regular basis in two modes of one day camps and camps of longer duration i.e. 7 days or as deemed suitable by the Program coordinator.
  • There will be training/orientation in programs conducted by the unit in the universities with the help of volunteers to train and prepare new student volunteers as well as community people and their representatives.
  • The volunteers in their activities will put special focus on women and child welfare especially in rural areas.
  • The volunteers will work with an aim to create awareness in the urban areas on the issues related to youth welfare such as against drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The volunteers will aim to work for literacy programs in rural areas along with promulgating cultural harmony in the society.
  • It will be the aim of the NSS unit and its volunteers to use their knowledge in optimizing the usage of natural and other resources for the betterment and development of the community and society as a whole.
  • The volunteers will play an active participation in conducting and organizing various celebration activities on days of national importance.
  • The NSS unit shall organize workshops, seminars, symposiums on timely basis as to propagate the fundamental cause and purpose of the NSS unit with an aim to educate and train people and students and make social service a part of the regular education of the students.
  • The NSS unit shall undertake the necessary survey programs that would ultimately enable the university to adopt the village/s for various service and developmental purposes.
  • The volunteers shall remain in constant touch with the village/community for better understanding, its needs and finding the best means and ways to deliver it.
  • The volunteers of the unit shall maintain continuous dialogue with the people of the adopted villages by university through visits etc. to analyze the needs and requirements of the community through various government, public channels and resources.
  • The NSS unit shall ensure the encouragement through subsequent training of the local individuals to further take the developmental programs initiated by the university.
  • The NSS unit in the university shall take all due measures to ensure that any and all projects undertaken and/or initiated by the university are successfully completed.
  • The NSS units through its volunteers shall vigilantly evaluate the various social activities with the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its programs.
  • The volunteers and authorities shall in their day to day activities give priority to development and upliftment in the slum areas.
  • The NSS unit of the Uttaranchal University shall coordinate with various NGO’s working at the district, state, and national level to innovate new programs and serve the society better.
  • The NSS students/volunteers shall at all times adhere to the best practices and values of the university.
  • The NSS unit as per the academic calendar of the university organize and conduct day camps keeping in view the needs of the society and programs of the unit.

The Methodology:

  • The working culture of the NSS unit reflects respect for the individual and dignity of labor.
  • An internal democratic process is established and pursued for choosing, planning, and implementing all programs by the NSS unit.
  • Training programs through workshops, community meetings, etc., for capacity building are a regular feature at both the university and community levels.
  • There is interaction between student volunteers, various sections and classes of society to develop synergy for the conceptualization and implementation of activities/programs/camps at the district and possibly state levels as well.

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