Language Certificate Course in Mandarin

A Language Certificate Course in Mandarin offers numerous career options.

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Best Language Certificate Course in Mandarin in India

This course aims at enabling the students to comprehend and used from Hànyǔ Pinyin, tones system and basic conversation in Mandarin. The focus will be on listening, speaking and reading with pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabularies and simple sentences. The exercises given in the book or audios help students to listen and speak Chinese in a better way. Students will develop self awareness of sounds and tones of speaking Chinese.In the end of semester, students will be able to be engaged in simple coversations. By second semester, students will be able to take TOCFL test of novice level to get certificate to approve the level of language ability.

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Career Prospects:

  • The intended outcome of the course is that students learn pinyin and tones system and daily dialogues.
  • Greetings in normal ways. Self Introduction and Introduction of others.




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Eligibility & Fee Details

Language Certificate Course in Mandarin

Language Certificate Course in Mandarin (Amount of fee details in INR)

Rs. 7,000 for the students of Uttaranchal University.
Rs. 10,000 for others.


Admission Procedure:

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