Language Certificate Course in Spanish

A Language Certificate Course in Spanish offers numerous career options.

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Best Language Certificate Course in Spanish in India

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin. The everyday use of Spanish is on the rise, with an estimated 400 million speakers using it as their mother tongue. The world has become a smaller place with advanced communication technology and extensive communication networks. Finally, the demand for Spanish professionals is also growing. India needs language professionals, especially Spanish. Therefore, your ability to read, write, listen and speak Spanish can open up a world of possibilities in different industries around the world.

School of Liberal Arts offers a six-month certificate course in Spanish to help students initially understand the basic structure of the language and continue learning the language while developing a vocabulary that develops the basic concept of the language.

This qualification course is designed for students who do not have language skills but want to improve LSRW skills in Spanish for personal, travel, or business purposes. This Spanish language course will also be useful for students who want to learn a second language and develop cultural awareness.

Multimedia features are introduced in part at the first level of the course, as students must first learn the basic grammatical structures that govern the language. Second, the main focus will be on enriching students ’language vocabulary to make the best use of this resource.

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Career Prospects:

  • Translator, interpreter, editor, proofreader, and content writer.
  • Language teaching jobs in India.
  • Freelance linguist jobs.
  • Jobs in Foreign Embassies.
  • Tourism, travel, hospitality, and service sectors.




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Eligibility & Fee Details

Language Certificate Course in Spanish

Language Certificate Course in Spanish (Amount of fee details in INR)

Rs. 7,000 for the students of Uttaranchal University.
Rs. 10,000 for others.


Admission Procedure:

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