Cultural Club

About Cultural Club

UIM Cultural club is a student body which is liable for all the social occasions in the Institute around the year. It involves different segments which deal with the various fields of social occasions. The club endeavors to draw out the concealed ability of the students. It is where students can showcase their hidden talents. It assists with finding their flair and bent of mind. Cultural occasions help to imbibe a healthy mind set by letting student to be part of competition and absorb the success and failure. Competitive Activities like instrumental music, singing, dancing, fashion show, painting and so on helps the students to participate in the area of his/her choice thus letting to dig in, improve, grow, develop and showcase their talent.


Alongside giving a stage to creativity, the Club targets building up the individual, organizational and social abilities of the students. Different aptitudes like administration, working in a group, sharing achievement and disappointment, tolerating duty are certain in the working of the club.

S.No. Name Designation Mobile No Email-Id
1 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pathak Head 7055452916
2 Ms. Shailee Parmar Member 9897895917
3 Ms. Neeti Misra Member 9808470881
4 Dr. Archana Saxena Member 8755173339
5 Dr.Sangeeta Sundriyal Member 8954666850
6 Mr. Vivek Anand Member an
S.No. Name Program/Year Designation Mobile No Email-Id
1 Dewansh Nawani BSc-IT/III Member 8894465846
2 Anita BBA / II Member 9548559126
3 Kartikey Joshi MCA/I Member 8474943534
4 Vikhyat Dhiman MBA/I Member 7906975004
5 Aditya Gupta MBA/I Member 8077426512

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