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About Marketing Club

Ingenious – The Marketing Club aims to develop and prepare club members for Marketing Careers. It focuses on providing its Members with the Knowledge, Skills, and Enhancement needed to become leaders in the field of marketing. Marketing Club offers students opportunities, to engage in marketing-related activities such as Ad Mad Show, short selling idea, logo and taglines redesign competition, guest lecture of eminent marketing personalities from industry etc to name a few that will enhance their team skills, communication skills, knowledge and the practical aspects of marketing & will increase their employability skills. The club focuses on providing its members with a requisite platform to showcase their talents, learn from doing and sharing the best ideas with club members, enriching themselves with the latest knowledge of the market etc which are needed to become leaders in the field of marketing.


Marketing Club at UIM offers students myriad of opportunities, to engage in variety of marketing-related activities. The club predominantly focuses on providing interactive platform to students with the requisite knowledge, skills etc needed to become leaders in the field of marketing.

  • Professional skill enhancement – To promote the development of marketing skills, careers, and leadership skills among students.
  • Industry Interface – To provide platform to eminent personalities from corporate as guest speakers to discuss topics and trends in marketing.
  • Brainstorming – To provide a forum for the exchange of marketing ideas & the latest developments in the field of marketing.
  • Networking skills – By making them work under teams students learn to adapt, share ideas, learn best practices & hence improve their networking skills
S.No. Name Designation Mobile No Email-Id
1 Dr. Archana Saxena Head 8755173339 dr12archana@gmail. com
2 Mr. Sanjay Chauhan Member 9917895007 [email protected]
3 Dr. Nabila Ansari Member 8194031212 [email protected]
4 Mr. Kapil Bhagi Member 7014451668 [email protected]
5 Dr. Mohd.Aamir Member 8266845800 [email protected]
6 Mr. Manoj Member 9015238776 [email protected]
S.No. Name Program/Year Designation Mobile No
1 Ashish kumar Rana MBA Member 8433270985
2 Sandeep Devrari MBA Member 6396552451
3 Falguni Viswas BBA Member 7542926599
4 Rohit Bisht BBA Member 8816962701
5 Ananya Guleria BBA   Member 9045516768
6 Srishty Rawat BBA Member 9105850671
7 Anshul Singh Bhati BBA Member 7017880925

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Marketing Club

Ingenious – The Marketing Club aims to develop and prepare club members for Marketing Careers.

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