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About Sports Club

We, at Uttaranchal Institute of Management, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University, organize a series of sports events in order to give a platform to our students where they can showcase their talent in the realm of sports apart from academics. The Sports Club of UIM picks raw talent for grooming and trains it for the State and National Level Competitions. The Sports Club is dedicated on instilling in students a good sports habit. Basic infrastructural facilities are provided at the University Level for the students with a view to hone their skills.


  • Primary goal is to effectively support students take part in sports activities apart from regular academics.
  • To provide a forum for students showcasing their talent in sports events and preparing them for national and international level.
  • To train students and explore new opportunities available in sports.
  • To provide basic infrastructure facilities at the university level for the students.
S.No. Name Designation Mobile No Email-Id
1 Mr. Farman Ali Head 9837232150 [email protected]
2 Dr. Deepti Sharma Member 8318519858 [email protected]
3 Dr. Deepa Bisht Member 9410173707 [email protected]
4 Dr. Tarunpreet Kaur Member 7983887492 [email protected]
5 Mr. Sanjay Singh Chauhan Member 9808153564 [email protected]
6 Mr. Kapil Baghi Member 7014451668 [email protected]
S.No. Name Program/Year Designation Mobile No Email-Id
1 Mr. Devansh Bhardwaj MBA I Member 6397560453 [email protected]
2 Ms. Prerna Yadav BBA II Member 7905566435 [email protected]
3 Mr. Adarsh Kapoor BBA I Member 8864854002 [email protected]
4 Mr. Vasu Kalra B. Com(H) II Member 8394021480 [email protected]
5 Ms. Pooja Tyagi BBA I Member 7906536496 [email protected]
6 Mr. Ujjwal Kumar BBA I Member 8340330834 [email protected]

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