Biogenerika club

Biogenerika club

The Biogenerika club is a Club of biotechnology students of School of Applied and Life Sciences, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun. The main objective of constitution of this club is to host events, to motivate and educate students with an objective to identify application of biological science towards society, environment and industry. Conduction of educational programs allows students to explore the world of science in the field of biotechnology and allied sciences to identify recent scientific and technological advancements. The Biotech Club’s also aims to make an effort to bridge the gap between industry and academia through industrial visits and educational tours. Besides providing technological and scientific exposure activities conducted also provide an all round development pertaining to written, oral and presentation skills.

Activities of the club

  • To create awareness about conservation of environment.
  • Organizing discussion, debate, poster and other competition to enhance skill development.
  • Organizing various scientific programmes on National science day
  • Conduction of awareness programmes pertaining to issues related to society and environment (world AIDS day, world Cancer day etc.)
Designation Name
President Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Singh
Secretary Dr. Nishesh Sharma
Co-ordinator / Treasurer Dr. Monika Singh
Members Dr. Sudhanshu Mishra


Dr. Indra Rautela

Dr. Himani Badoni

Student President Ms. Bobby Prasad, M.Sc Biotechnology
Student members Mr. Nikhil, B.Sc. Biotechnology


Mr. Yuvraj, B.Sc Microbiology

Ms. Ishika Das, B.Sc Microbiology

Mr. Aum Garg, B.Sc Biotechnology

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Biogenerika Club

The Biogenerika club is a Club of biotechnology students of School of Applied and Life Sciences, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun.

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