2 ∞ and Beyond

2 ∞ and Beyond Club

In the present time limited opportunities are available to the students for self-expression, independent thinking, constructive activities and other projects. Mathematics club plays an important role in motivating the students to learn mathematics with interest and involvement. Sometimes mathematics teaching in classrooms becomes so monotonous that the students became restless and get easily distracted. Mathematics club provides excellent opportunities for students to break away from the monotony of rigid and structured classroom environment. An organization which caters for the inculcation of heuristic attitude, genuine interested in the scientific activities supplements that work of classroom and puts the syllabus on a practical bias be named as “2 ∞ and Beyond” mathematics club. In this club the student chooses the activities on his own, and purpose them in a free and related manner contrary to the atmosphere prevailing in a classroom.


  • Mathematics club helps in the proper utilization of leisure time.
  • It helps in arousing and maintaining student’s interest in Mathematics.
  • It provides the students with opportunities to develop their Explorative, creative and inventive faculties.
  • It indicates the habit of self-study and in depended work among the students.
  • It offers an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas and for frank and helpful criticism of these ideas.
  • It provides an informal and a social atmosphere which the classroom can handily provide.
  • It offers excellent opportunities for free consideration of Matters of special interest to the members without the necessity of following any particular sequence as required in a classroom.
  • It helps in developing heuristic and problem-solving attitude among the student.
  • It provides opportunities for students to translate the theory in to practice and to apply their learning in daily life situations.
  • It helps the student to imbibe social qualities like cooperation, tolerance, adjustment and open-mindedness, as they work in groups.
  • It helps to meet individual needs of the students as every Member gets an opportunity to work in his areas of interest. Club activities provide first-hand experience to the learners as they participate in model making, arranging for exhibition, field work, and laboratory work and so on.


  • To keep in touch all the students with day-to-day inventions in the field of mathematics.
  • To keep in touch all the students with day-to-day inventions in the field of mathematics.
  • To develop co-operative spirit in group learning.
  • To develop inventive explorative and creative faculties of the child.
  • To provide opportunities to use the leisure time more effectively.
  • It gives the students basic training in organizing debate, quiz contests exhibition, mathematics fairs.
  • To develop critical thinking and logical reasoning powers among the students.
  • To make students mathematics minded.
  • To collaborate with mathematics clubs of other school.
  • To inculcate feeling of discovery and development.
  • To make the students perfect in scientific jobs and developing their self-confidence.
  • To provide opportunity to learn great mathematicians and their Contribution.


  • Organising inter-class, inter-school competitions on some interesting mathematical topics.
  • Arranging lectures of the renowned mathematics teacher or scholar.
  • Celebrating clays and events related to great mathematics.
  • Organising discussions about the practical applications of mathematics.
  • Organising recreational activities in mathematics such as a puzzle, riddles, catch-problems, number games etc
  • Making charts, models, pictures, graphs etc for the mathematics laboratory.
  • Conducting related project activities
  • Organizing mathematical exhibitions or fair. Organising paper reaching contests about certain important topic of mathematics.
  • Organising seminars and career courses relating to mathematics.
  • Arranging guidance programme for the needy and weak students.

The following office-bearers are part of the mathematics club:

Patron: Prof. V. K. Srivastava
Sponsor: Mr. Atma Nand
Members of the executive committee: Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Narottam Singh Chauhan, Dr. Shalu Chaudhary, Dr. Vikas Kumar, Dr. Madhulika Chaudhary, Dr. Ashish Rayal
Student coordinator: Mayank Rawat

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